What You Can Do to Help

As a health care provider, you are a critical line of defense in protecting the well-being of Maryland’s children. That’s why the Maryland Hospital Association and its partners are eager to do their part to stop child identity theft. Here are the simple steps your organization can take to make a difference.

Step #1: Get to Know the Crime

Children are 35 times more likely to fall victim to identity theft. Why? Because they often don’t attempt to establish credit until early adulthood—so theft can go for years undetected. Explore our What is Child Identity Theft? section to learn about this growing crime.

Step #2: Tell Parents to Request a “Credit Freeze”

Parents can protect their child’s identity by requesting a credit freeze from the three credit agencies. Once a credit is frozen, creditors cannot access it to verify an application—and are therefore highly unlikely to approve any applicants. Learn how to request a credit freeze.

Step #3: Spread the Word with our FREE Materials

Use the FREE Tools to the left to download educational materials to share with patients, parents and colleagues. Don’t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Thank You for Being Our Partner

Every day you work to protect, nurture and educate families and children. The threat of identity theft against children is real and growing—and most families don’t even know it exists. Thank you for helping make a difference through your work. Learn more about our mission.