Know the Warning Signs

How can you tell if your child’s identity has been compromised? Experts have identified the following red flags. If any of these sound familiar, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) urges you to act immediately. Visit the FTC online to learn what to do.

Unusual Calls, Bills and Offers

You may receive calls from collection agencies; bills from credit card companies or service providers; credit card offers; even bank account checks—all in your child’s name.

Employment Confirmation Requests

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration or other government agency may ask to confirm that your child is employed, despite the fact that she is not or never has been.

IRS Notifications

The IRS may notify you that the information you filed for a dependent child is already listed on another filer’s tax return. Or your child may receive a notice that he has failed to pay taxes on income that he never received.

Denied Benefits

If your child or your family is expecting to receive government benefits and is denied, it may be because another account is using your child’s SSN to receive benefits.