The Statistics:
A Growing Crime Affecting Families Everywhere

  • Approximately 140,000 identity frauds are committed against children each year.
  • One in 40 families with children under 18 have had at least one child whose personal information was compromised.
  • The rate of identity theft for children is 35 times higher than the rate for adults.
  • The Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council reported a 300 percent increase in calls related to child identity theft in 2014.
  • The percentage of victims under the age of 5 more than doubled between 2011 and 2012 alone. Younger targets are more appealing because their information can be used undetected for longer periods of time.
  • The largest act of fraud discovered in the 2012 Child Identity Theft Report totaled $1.5 million. It was against a 19-year-old girl whose identity had been used since she was 9 years old.
  • Multiple thieves can use a child’s identity. In the 2012 Child Identity Theft Report, one child was discovered to have six suspects using her Social Security number.